Improving Outcomes Through Tele-ICU

Pulmonary Medicine Associates, the critical care physician group that formed Performance ICU, has determined that it will pursue strategic relationships right now to offer Tele-ICU services. This will be the group’s focus in the near-term. As a result, Performance ICU is on a prolonged hiatus.

PMA remains committed to the belief that Tele-ICU offers an immediate solution to address the growing shortage of critical care physicians, while measurably improving clinical quality and patient safety and reducing costs.

We thank you for your interest in Performance ICU. If you have questions or would like to speak with someone, please contact Jude Sell-Gutowski, R.N., M.S., Pulmonary Medicine Associates chief operating officer at (916) 679-3590.

Why Tele-ICU?

Two forces at work – a strong and growing shortage of critical care physicians compounded by a rapidly aging population – can only be addressed through an effective Tele-ICU solution. Tele-ICU enables intensivists to manage and monitor a greater number of patients, while markedly improving quality and reducing costs.

A 2011 NEHI study on Tele-ICU found the follow results:

  • ICU mortality rates decreased 20% +
  • ICU LOS decreased 30%
  • ICU admissions increased
  • Best practice compliance improved
  • Costs reduced significantly for payers
  • Hospitals payback received in first year